Beth Bowley
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Dear Loyal-Amazing-Fantastic-You!

Thank you for stopping by.  

If you are a former Beth Bowley customer, thank you sooo very much for your loyalty and support of the Beth Bowley line over the years.  2013 was my 15th year - wow!  I feel very lucky to have been able to share my creative endeavors with you.  I love my life, I love my work, and it's been an amazing experience.

But I'm shaking it up...the Beth Bowley line is on a hiatus, and I have a few new projects in the works.  
(I have so many new ideas to bring to life!)

First, and right now, I'm working on an exciting new project that is a local, sustainable, line of stylish clothing manufactured in my beloved home state of Maine named Nuthatch Productions.

The recent launch of the Nuthatch line has been a huge success...and we're sewing as fast as we can to keep up with demand.  It's modern, classic, and fabulous...and I think you'll like it.  

Please stop by to see it at the upcoming D&A shows:
D&A New York   2/21 - 2/23
D&A Los Angeles   3/16 - 3/18

(We will have our website fully operating very soon:  www.shopnuthatch.com)

Keep in touch and I hope you are having a fantastic season.
Big, big hugs from the awesome coast of Maine!

Beth Bowley